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Discussion in 'Amazon Echo Discussion' started by Barmac, Mar 24, 2016.

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    I have had Echo for about 2 weeks now and I have been trying different home automation devices with it.
    So far I have tried the LIFX 1050 bulb which is hit or miss through LIFX controls . I also bought the Ihome outlet plug that works through the WEMO service that seems to be far more reliable than LIFX. I am trying to get feedback on how well different products work and how reliable they are. One issue I have noticed with Echo is at times it just doesn't recognize anything you say. The Blue light will do a partial circular spin and then stop and Alexa does not say anything. I will usually try again a couple of times and the same thing happens. I know my internet is not the issue because I have double checked the Internet with another device. I would like to get others peoples feedback on other services like Samsung Smart Things, Logiteck harmony Remotes, and different products. Right now my favorite thing to do is tell Alexa to tell WEMO to turn my coffee maker on at 530 AM while I am in bed so my coffee is ready when I go downstairs. I use a 12 cup percolator to make my coffee.

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