Alexa making cross-search-engine searches with visual images: Video

Discussion in 'Amazon Echo Development' started by Jez, Feb 8, 2017.

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    Hi, Personally I feel that the whole home automation thing is going more and more towards simply turning a light on and turning it off again .... there's so much more we can do with the Echo and Dot.

    I've developed a means of Alexa performing direct cross-search-engine searches simultaneously, when you ask a question Alexa usually add her (it's) contribution to the answer too, along with the search results of several configurable search engines all invoked through a single question whilst returning several screens of images, wiki info, YouTube results, and more.

    The application now also fires up any application installed on the PC or 'Collections' of applications via voice. Great if you usually open countless applications to start work or switch over to 'Bank' work etc. One spoken command could launch several applications instantly.

    The application does not involve 'SKILLS' whatsoever and is simply a self installing application on any PC.

    More to come.
    Please do leave feedback, thoughts and comments.


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